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Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: jski2d48qie7.jpg]
[Image: gc4dz5xt7qdz.jpg][Image: c0qsxg48fhbm.jpg]
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 A complete collection of works by photographer David Hamilton.
The archive contains a complete collection of photographs of Hamilton, over 7,000 photographs, as well as scans of magazines PHOTO and calendars over the years.
 Format : jpg, bmp
550x550 - 2500x1900
File Size : 800 MB
Download A complete collection of works by photographer David Hamilton:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: th_128972886_00_123_59lo.jpg]
[Image: th_128973105_0_123_69lo.jpg][Image: th_128974414_1_123_1071lo.jpg]
[Image: th_128975863_11_123_882lo.jpg][Image: th_128976431_777_123_284lo.jpg]

Sally Mann, photographer.

Sally Mann, all I could find about this interesting fine art photographer in one archive, the contents of the following:
1. As one of the world's preeminent photographers, Sally Mann creates artwork that challenges viewers' values and moral attitudes. Described by Time magazine as "America's greatest photographer," she first came to international prominence in 1992 with Immediate Family, a series of complex and enigmatic pictures of her three children. What Remains--Mann's recent series on the myriad aspects of death and decay--is the subject of this eponymously titled documentary.
Filmed at her Virginia farm, Mann is surrounded by her husband and now-grown children, and her willingness to reveal her artistic process allows the viewer to gain exclusive entrance to her world. Never one to compromise, she reflects on her own personal feelings about mortality as she continues to examine the boundaries of contemporary art. Spanning five years, What Remains contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work, and is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist.
Director: Steven Cantor.
USA, 2005.
Language: English.
2. The archive is also a photo album Sally Mann "Immediate Family": "These are photographs of my children....Many of these pictures are intimate, some are fictions and some are fantastic, but most are of ordinary things every mother has seen. I take pictures when they are bloodied or sick or naked or angry. They dress up, they pout and posture, they paint their bodies, they dive like otters in the dark river."
3. Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann.
Documentary about Sally Mann.
Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann is a 1994 short documentary film directed by Steven Cantor and Peter Spirer. It was premiered at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.
USA, 1993.
Language: English.
4. The music video presentation photo album Sally Mann Immediate Family.
Download Sally Mann, photographer:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: th_315818418_0_123_291lo.jpg]
[Image: th_315819285_771_123_991lo.jpg][Image: th_315820402_JanSaudek_1_123_785lo.jpg]

Jan Saudek. V pekle svých vásní, ráj v nedohlednu. 2007.

Celovecerni dokumentarni film JAN SAUDEK, s podtitulem „V pekle svych vasni, raj v nedohlednu“, vypravi osobitym zpusobem syrove pravdivy zivotni pribeh hrdiny i odpadlika. Podava jej jako velkolepe drama. Drama plne barev vzrusujicich obrazu, ale take provokujicich myslenek, iluzi a ideji. Jan Saudek, svetove uznavany fotograf, v zahranici mnohokrat oceneny a vystavovany daleko drive, nez ho poznala siroka verejnost v rodne vlasti, vystupuje pred kamerou v mnoha rolich. Casto je meni, casto prekvapuje, nejcasteji sokuje. Presto se ani tento velky stvoritel iluzi zcela neschoval pred pronasledujicimi tremi kamerami a nemilosrdne odhalujicim okem rezisera.
The full-length documentary film JAN SAUDEK provides a personally truthful yet harsh life story of a hero and dropout. It is presented as a grand drama, not just full of stirring, colorful photographs, but also provocative ideas, illusions and ideals. Jan Saudek became a world-renowned photographer, winning international awards and being exhibited abroad, long before he had gained recognition in his native country. He is a man who appears in many roles before the camera, often changing them, often surprising, and often shocking. However, even the most versatile illusionist is incapable of entirely hiding in the face of three cameramen in action under the supervision of a director.
Director: Adolf Zika.
Czech Republic, United States, 2007.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: Russian, English, Czech, Portuguese.
Download Jan Saudek. V pekle svých vásní, ráj v nedohlednu. 2007:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: th_097034713_0000_123_167lo.jpg]
[Image: th_097034238_0_123_771lo.jpg][Image: th_097035868_00_123_790lo.jpg]
[Image: th_097037871_1_123_268lo.jpg]

All the most interesting of the fine art photographer Jock Sturges in one archive:

1. Line of beauty and grace is a tale about photography and art, family and life, dealing with the history of man and woman, life and art. Many art historians consider Jock Sturges, born in 1947, to be one of the most important fine art photographers of our times.
As a catholic and graduated in psychology and photography, he survived the attacks of conservatives in the United States. Sturges has created a series of intensely powerful and moving photographs with an outstanding sensitivity for composition and light. Sturges's artistic work is an uncompromising search for truth and clarity. His private life is marked by his open nature and inspired by the love he shares with his wife Maia.
In Line of beauty and grace, the filmmaker and photographer Christian E. Klinger journeys into the life and work of this extraordinary man.
Jock Sturges was born in New York City, and worked in San Francisco for many years. He graduated with a BFA in Perceptual Psychology and photography from Marlboro College in 1974. Later, he received an MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1985.
His published collections include: The Last Day of Summer (1991, Aperture), Radiant Identities (1994, Aperture), Jock Sturges (1996), Jock Sturges: New Work 1997-2000 (2000, Scalo) and Jock Sturges: Notes (2004, Aperture).
His photographs are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Bibliothиque Nationale in Paris and Museum fьr Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt.
Director: Christian E. Klinger.
Amadelio Film, 2008.
2. "The Last Day of Summer" - one of the first photo album Jock Sturges published a mass edition in 1991 in New York, just after that photographer has received worldwide fame and glory.
Format: jpg, 1500x2500 - 2200x3200
3. The music video presentation photo album Jock Sturges Last Day of Summer.
Download Jock Sturges, photographer:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: th_096832584_0_123_972lo.jpg][Image: th_096833992_00_123_20lo.jpg][Image: th_096834501_1_123_510lo.jpg]

Fragile: Russian Photographer Evgeny Mokhorev.

FRAGILE is a film about photography in the Post Soviet Era in St. Petersburg. It looks at the bitter elegancy of this town, it’s citizen and the tender and graceful models of Evgeny Mokhorev.
The film accompanies Evgeny Mokhorev as he photographs people on the street in St. Petersburg in the tradition of Brassai. In the next part he shares a deep insight in his way of working with nude models. The film features several series of outstanding and moving photographs by Evgeny Mokhorev about children and teens in St. Petersburg.
In between the movie shows further interviews with honoured Art Collector Joseph Baio (Aperture Foundation), Nailya Alexander (Gallerist of Evgeny Mokhorev, New York), Ekaterina Kondranina (Curator, House of Photography, Moscow) and Dr. Irina Tchmyreva (Art Historian, Curator, Moscow).
Director: Christian Klinger.
Language: Russian, English.
Download Fragile: Russian Photographer Evgeny Mokhorev:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 11-17-2019

[Image: th_878984843_0_123_235lo.jpg][Image: th_878985867_776_123_1135lo.jpg]
Arakimentari. 2004.
A look at the life and work of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and his impact on Japanese culture.
The film presents a huge number of Araki's works give an idea of the widest range of interests in taking pictures - from flowers to erotica, from clouds to the bandage, from portraits to landscapes.
Director: Travis Klose.
USA, 2004.
Language: Japanese, English.
Subtitles: Russian, English.
Download Arakimentari. 2004:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 03-12-2020

[Image: vlv7i67c9z4w.jpg][Image: 2qytj3hcmimk.jpg]

Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-1.
Format JPG, 1200x780 - 720x1200.
7100 fotos.
730 MB.
Download Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-1:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 03-12-2020

[Image: tdm5g72h8qs8.jpg][Image: dh1t5o0h5o15.jpg]

Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-2.

Format JPG, 1200x780 - 720x1200.
6600 fotos.
700 MB.
Download Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-2:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 03-12-2020

[Image: 4u5wjteyp315.jpg][Image: n18j3nrmr9g3.jpg]

Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-3.

Format JPG, 1200x780 - 720x1200.
6700 fotos.
710 MB.
Download Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-3:

RE: Great Photografers. - admin - 03-12-2020

[Image: ye7d0i56ysl1.jpg][Image: vnlwrjlcnmgb.jpg]

Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-4.

Format JPG, 1200x780 - 720x1200.
6300 fotos.
640 MB.
Download Complete collection of photos of Gregory Galitsin. Part-4: