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Das unmögliche Bild / The Impossible Picture. 2016. HD.
[Image: ME12SUVL_t.jpg][Image: ME12SUVM_t.jpg]

Das unmögliche Bild / The Impossible Picture. 2016. HD.
DE. Wiener Vorstadtidylle Ende der 1950er Jahre, die Mutter sitzt mit ihren zwei ordentlich frisierten Töchtern im Garten. Gesichter, so breit lachend wie die Sonne am Himmel. Der Vater hält den perfekten Familiensonntag mit der 8mm-Kamera fest, dann drückt er seiner Ältesten Johanna (Jana McKinnon) das Gerät in die Hand. „Was siehst’n?“, fragt er sie. „Na, dich.“ Kurz darauf ist er tot, einfach umgekippt. Johanna behält die Kamera.
EN. "Our memory is so unreliable - sometimes what we see might as well be the future." -Johanna F.   What we see is the everyday life of a Viennese family in the 1950's, documented by 13-year-old Johanna, a childhood captured on 8mm film (or: a childhood as it might have been). Fragments of family history and family secrets; an apartment regularly visited by women, more than men, centered around grandmother Maria who holds weekly cooking clubs in her kitchen. But somehow, the women never actually seem to do any cooking - - - "Papa always said you have to be quick if you want to see anything. Because everything vanishes so quickly. But I don't think that's true. I think you just have to keep looking". And Johanna keeps looking. Until the camera's gaze suddenly turns on herself.
Director: Sandra Wollner.
Cast: Jana McKinnon, Alexander E. Fennon, David Jakob, Eva Linder, Mira Reisinger, Andrea Schramek, Helmut Wiesner.
Austria, Germany, 2016.
Language: German.
1920x1080 HD
Download Das unmögliche Bild / The Impossible Picture. 2016:
[Image: ME120PCV_t.gif]


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