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Bacanal de Adolescentes. 1982.
[Image: ME13WBIH_t.jpg][Image: ME13WBG4_t.jpg]

Bacanal de Adolescentes. 1982.
PT. Boy de escritório inicia sua vida sexual com a filha do patrão e as secretárias.
EN. Very rare Brazilian erotic film.
The fourteen-year-old messenger boy of the office begins his sexual life with the Secretary of the interior and the daughter of the chief. Later, he should accompany his boss in the "Etablissements".
Director: Norberto Ramalho.
Cast: Fernando Barreto, Fernanda, Priscila Presley, Merce Valsi, Francisco Viana, Will Roberto.
Brazil, 1982.
No sound.
640x480, 51 min
Download Bacanal de Adolescentes. 1982:
[Image: ME120PCV_t.gif]


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