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בן לוקח בת / Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl. 1982. HD.
[Image: ME13XNJE_t.jpg][Image: ME13XNJF_t.jpg]

בן לוקח בת / Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl / Boy Meets Girl. 1982. HD.
IL. חיי ילדים על סף גיל ההתבגרות והאהבה הראשונה בחברה הקיבוצית הסגורה כפי שהם נראים מבעד לעיניה של איה, ילדת חוץ
EN. Boy Meets Girl (Hebrew: בן לוקח בת) is a 1982 Israeli drama directed by Michal Bat-Adam. It was filmed on location at Kibbutz Ma'ayan Tzvi.
The story is a semi-autobiographical account of Bat-Adams' own upbringing at a kibbutz boarding school. Her 1994 film, Aya: Imagined Autobiography (Hebrew: איה), revisits the character of Aya, who is now a married woman haunted by her past.
Aya (Einat Helfman) is a shy 10-year-old girl who has grown up in Tel Aviv. When her parents, who are both doctors, travel to Thailand as part of their work, Aya is placed in a boarding school on a kibbutz. As an outsider, she has difficulty adjusting to the insularity and unfamiliar values and practices of kibbutz society. She struggles to cope with the challenges of living with dozens of her peers in a communal children's dormitory where there is no separation according to gender.
Director: מיכל בת אדם / Michal Bat-Adam.
Cast: Gabi Eldor, Ilan Dar, Shai Golan, Gill Dontchevsky, Ayala Fiszel, Erella Ashkenazi, Andrea Sade, Dina Limon, Einat Helfman, Assaf Zur, Osnat Farago.
Israel, 1982.
Language: English.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download בן לוקח בת / Ben Loke'ah Bat / Boy Takes Girl / Boy Meets Girl. 1982:
[Image: ME120PCV_t.gif]


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